David McRae January 2007
Today is January 14, 2007. Today is a blow day. That means the sea urchin fleet is unable to fish due to poor weather conditions. This evening storm force winds of 55 knots are expected, that is like 100 plus kmh and will probably be accompanied by an extreme amount of rain. The 2006/2007 sea urchin season has been hampered by the extreme weather conditions. I must say the season has been proceeding pretty good on the Kuroshio. The last half of the season is just beginning, hopefully it goes well. The last week there was some pretty cold weather. The was little snow on the otter coast but the arctic winds caused some heavy freezing spray. For a while there Kuroshio was covered in an inch of frozen saltwater.

The Kuroshio is covered isn freezing spray from the night before. We traveled from Campbell river to Shearwater that day departing at 8 am and arriving at 6 pm, with one stop for fuel in Port Hardy. It was quite cold out, but sunny and warn in the cabin as ussual. For most of the trip we had to pound through heavy chop maybe 3-5 or more.

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