The Kuroshio visited Hot spring Islands in the Queen Charlotte Islands in early February of 2004.

Hot spring Island is located in the southern portion of the Queen Charlotte Islands.

It's a small Island. There is one large hot pool to relax in. The cabins are provided by the

Haida Watch men. In the winter I think the place is pretty much unoccupied.

Sometimes the are watchmen present. I am quite sure they are there full time during the summer months when there are many tourists

This is a shot of the beach that leads up to the hots springs.

Often camp fires are made in front of the shed on the beach.

It's a great place to cook a lunch or dinner by fire.

A picture of David McRae over looking the one large pool.

Here is a better view. It is usually quite warm but not too hot.

The hot spring is fed by a few upwellings from the rock located above the pool.

David McRae at hot spring Island.