Kuroshio Refit 2005

Starting in late April 2005 the Kuroshio went into refit. The refit started with the interior. This involved replacing all of the interior paneling. After all of the old paneling was removed it made sense to replace all of the wiring underneath the paneling. After all the wiring in the cabin was replaced and upgrades made to the electrical system, new paneling was installed. This turned out to be allot of work, but it turned out pretty good. While the interior was getting it's face lift, a new engine was being ordered. I Had some trouble getting an order put in for a new engine. Finally I got that figured. Next, I always thought there was a big warehouse full of marine transmissions. I was wrong. It looked like there was going to be a three month wait. Things didn't look good. Thanks to Ken Martin From Pacific Surface Drives I got one just as the engine was showing up. The job seemed like it was almost done. I Was wrong again, turned out most of the work wasn't done. So for 12 hours a day for the next 60 days I removed everything from the engine room, and with allot of cutting, grinding, cleaning, welding and fitting a new Volvo D-9 and Arneson Drive ASD-10 was installed, and the job was done.

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The inside of the cabin with paneling removed